Digital Marketing Minute for the Week of April 27

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, April 27 in Digital Trends.


Millennials Go Mobile While in the Market for Automobiles

by eMarketer

While auto advice from family and friends remains welcome, this cohort is increasingly turning to mobile before purchasing, resulting in 73% of US millennials claiming they are “savvier” car buyers than their parents.

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40 Email Subject Lines Research Shows Your Subscribers Can’t Resist

by John Rampton,

Having access to your target market's inboxes gives you the opportunity to continuously send valuable content, and to build long-term relationships. The trouble, of course, is you don't have a hope of building these relationships if your subscribers aren't opening your emails.

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5 Easy Ways To Make Mother’s Day Offers More Locally Relevant

by Barrett Newell,

Key tips to making your Mother’s Day a successful one.

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