Digital Marketing Minute for the Week of May 4th, 2015

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Tuesday, May 5 in Digital Trends.

Find Your Strategy

Six Actionable Social Media Strategies from Successful Brands

by Liz Dennison,  buffer social

Being great on social media isn’t always intuitive. Sometimes the best way to learn is to get inspired  by the what others are doing.

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Native Advertising

How Native Advertising Confuses People, in Five Charts

by Lucia Moses, Digiday

Native advertising is one of the biggest — and more controversial — obsessions in media. The editorial-mimicking ad format, which is arguably not new at all but a modern spin on the advertorial, is still a small part of budgets for most advertisers. But 63 percent of ANA members said in a survey that they expected to increase their spending on native this year.

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Marketing Metrics

Four Online Marketing Metrics that Actually Matter

by Larry Kim

Which marketing metrics should we be focused on?

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