Digital Marketing Minute Week of September 28th, 2015

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, September 28 in Digital Trends.


Personalization Drives Engagement, Conversation 

Higher response and engagement rates are the No. 1 reason to use personalized content, according to June 2015 polling from the CMO Council. It was the only benefit cited by more than half of senior marketers worldwide who responded to the survey.

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8 Personalization Trends that Are Reinventing the Buyers’s Journey 


by Dan Stasiewski 

If we think about offline buyer/brand relationships, customer loyalty results (in part) when a brand can form a relationship with the buyer through acts of thoughtful remembrance. For example, knowing their preferences, or making product or service recommendations according to their likes and dislikes

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Email: Value Proposition, Engage, Sold! 


According to new findings from IBM's 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study, analyzing email marketing trends from some 3,000 brands across the globe, the data implies that engagement can lead to the highly coveted sale.

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