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Mobile Display Advertising is changing the way businesses think and consumers shop. With more people using smartphones and tablets than ever before, advertisers have access to a captive audience in a hyper-targeted way. Producing more immediate responses and a higher response rate, mobile increases brand awareness by 43%!

We provide trusted mobile sites, along with the leading location-based iPhone, Android and iPad apps – reaching more than 1 MILLION consumers on any mobile device.


  • High visibility placements
  • Provides a visual and interactive message
  • Impacts consumers considering brand options
  • Reaches consumers on-the-go
  • Provides reinforcement of market-wide advertising
  • Increases website and in-store traffic
  • Market-wide reach or defined geo-targeting options

Desert Sun Media Group expertise includes:

  • Creation of engaging digital creative using leading technologies
  • Inclusion of mobile landing pages and other premium solutions
  • Strategically targeted program designed to reach most likely consumers
  • Daily performance tracking and optimization of campaigns
  • Custom analytics to measure the usage trends of your sites

Attract an audience on the go.

Mobile web advertising takes the form of appropriately sized and formatted ads (for each mobile device type). For the most part, these ads may market or promote the same products or services as desktop display ads, but with some differences in how mobile ads are deployed.

Did you know?

  • According to Nielsen, nearly half (49.7%) of US mobile subscribers now own smartphones (as of February 2012).
  • Mobile is the fastest growing digital segment.
  • Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular ways to deliver and consume news.
  • As audiences consume more content on more devices and platforms, chances for marketer interaction likewise increases as brands facilitate new experiences and activities for a mass digital population.

Expose your message to new audiences that your business may not currently be reaching. Desert Sun Media offers mobile phone apps for targeted audiences, like the Digital Natives.net app that won Gannett’s Innovation Award in 2012.

Desertsun.com app

Everything you need in the Desertsun.com website but optimized for your mobile phone. Reach consumers at the key point in the buying cycle.

MyCoachella app

Reach diverse audiences from all over the world who are interested in or attending one of the most sought after music festivals.

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